my amazing friend, Tessa Mars, is on residency here in Trinidad and it’s so very wonderful to be able to see her + to see things with her. her blog and website updates have made me miss regular blogging. i’m not entirely ready to resign my blogspot to oblivion, but i think new energy is always nourishing.

where do i even begin?

life has the haziness of something that feels like a dream but the sharpness of all that is salty, solid and true. enjoyable, liberating and so very scary.

for continuity, to furnish this space, i have imported my blogger content.




Anima/us Botanica

Anima/us Botanica I

Anima/us Botanica II

Anima/us Botanica — A Dance

Anima/us Botanica — Colibrii

Anima/us Botanica — Dryad

Anima/us Botanica — I Remember the Birds

Rhudiannjah- The Daughter 

Anima/Us Botanica series. 2013.

dual selves in ink